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  2. Hello guys I'm just gonna play GCM, I do have an account before but when I clicked the reset password from my email that I used it says HTTP Error 404 I wish someone could help me with this. TYIA
  3. Hello, can someone help me to fix this, i'm already at level 85 still can't pick up this skills, and there is still sp left.
  4. Hi there! I recently found you guys again (and I'm really happy that happened), and so I'm still distributing items from the shared warehouse - most, if not everything, is still in there. I accidentally put 2 of the same pet (Sirius) on a single character. At first I put only one, but I couldn't equip it - I thought it was a bug, so maybe I could equip the second one... Now I can equip them both, but they're both stuck in this character's inventory. I thought there was an item that we could use to lock the pet an move it to another character, but I can't find it anywhere. Does it even exist? Is it possible to do something about this situation (maybe reset the items to the shared storehouse)? Thank you in advance! Never mind, they're shared already. I'm dumb. Sorry!
  5. RIP my old posts; anyways... Would it be a ridiculous idea to have another tab within the inventory, where the coordi(costumes) placed there will be the final overall looks of your character? Also, any stats on the coordi placed in this tab will be null. I am aware that there is a coordi fusion option, but since we cannot de-fuse the fused coordi, this suggestion might be an easier solution? And, is there any other option that I can use to verify myself on your discord? I do not want to use my phone number. Cheers, Ikta
  6. [Summons] Summons are working well, but there is a small problem that makes it difficult to use them in certain cases, one of these cases is when monsters use skills like [Rain], [Poison] or any attack that stays for a long time with multi hits that has hit stun, summons are stuck and don't come out of these attacks until the attack's duration time ends or they are killed. The suggestion is that summons are immune to these attacks, adding a passive that grants [Hyper or Super Armor] to them. [Evoker] [Effect] Statue PVP - Garouille poses as a statue, slowing the movement speed of nearby enemies. [Dungeon] - Garouille's statue pose taunts nearby enemies, forcing them to attack it. This skill has problems in PvE, it doesn't work correctly, besides the effect being useless, the idea is to change it to: - Enemies within the skill's range are trapped. - Increase skill range. *This would help a lot in Ley's gameplay and in group against many monsters, in addition to improving summoning. [Effect] Breath Enhancement Basic Attribute - A darkness-attribute zone is created after using Breath, which slows down enemies. Ice Attribute - The ground will freeze after using Ice Breath. In PvP, opponents will slip into the frozen ground. Fire Attribute - Flames will sound from the ground when after using Fire Breath. **Basic Attribute - This talent has no efficiency in PvE (tested), the suggestion is to add an efficiency: Enemies are stuck in the skill's range. **Ice Attribute – This talent is good, but it works strangely, the best thing would be to increase the size of the hitbox, because in some moments the attack doesn't catch. [Dark Matriarch] [Passive] [Effect] [Creature Buff] This passive holds players to only be on two summons, which in this case are Mary Bastion and Haunt. Although they are very good, in the case of PvE, sometimes the player wants to use other summons (Gargoullie and Jeeves). This is possible, but for that the player will need to consume more AP to summon 4 times, first Mary and Haunt, and then Jeeves and Gargoullie. This happens because the buffs of the invocations are individual, of each specific invocation, and not general. So the suggestion is that there is a separation in the way this passive works in PvP and PvE. In PvP it would remain the same, but for PvE it would be changed to: When Summoning (Gargoullie or Haunt / Mary Bastion or Jeeves) increases the following stats: 10% Attack 15% Critical Hit 7,5% MP Recovery 7,5% Reduces Total Cooldown of Special Skills Maximum of 2 stacks. (Example Image) The duration would remain the same. Note: It is necessary to take into account that the current passive makes 4 attributes possible, namely [Defense (Gargoullie)], [Attack (Mary Bastion)], [Critical Hit (Haunt)] and [HP Recovery (Jeeves)], however defensive stats don't make sense for Ley in PvE. *Ley can only have up to two summons in play that alternate between Gargoullie or Haunt, Jeeves or Mary Bastion. [Special Skill] [Real Dark] - Add reduced and increased damage to the skill according to the distance the monster is from the hitbox (Horizontal). Example: If the monster is about 10% to 30% from the center of the skill's total horizontal hitbox, the skill's damage would only be 80%. If the monster is in the main hitbox (center) the damage will be 100%. - Add function to gather/attract monsters if they are in hitbox range to the middle. [Special Skill] [Havoc] - Remove the distant cast that the skill makes at the end of the execution (throws enemies away). - Add function to gather/pull monsters if they are in hitbox range to center. - Change distant launch to: Knock down enemies.
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